Sissy of Spades Jessica LaPucelle

I'm a sissy seductress with a passion for converting men into gay sissy bitches. If you contact me you must be ready to perform! My only fetish is turning real guys into real sissy girls. Those who are ready and willing to be broken down, and stripped of their manhood.

It gives me tremendous sexual pleasure to watch a beta male transform into a complete sissy slut! Totally vulnerable and helplessly exposed to the whole world. I wanna see you dressed up in the most ridiculous sissy clothes and makeup. I wanna hear you confess that you love big black cock, and proudly go pussy free for life. I wanna take your fragile male ego and piss on it!

You will send me pictures and videos, and you will be exposed permanently. Once your sissy pics are on the internet it's too late. Horny men from all over the world will be saving, sharing, and jerking off to your humiliation pics forever! So ask what you can do to serve me, and then be prepared to obey my orders.

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