My Exposed Sissy Clips

The Piggy Roast

This was super humiliating. Empress Jazzy made me purchase a big fat pig costume, and eat mayonnaise off a dildo while she roasted me. She literally broke me at this point. I know now I'll never be anything but her sissy piggy bimbo for the rest of my life.

Pie Eating Contest

Empress Jazzy had me oink out live for her pie eating contest. She says that submissive piggies should be fattened up as it makes us more docile and submissive. It also makes us unattractive to women, so that we're only good for paying them as dumb sissy piggies.

Taking Daddies Big Dick

This is the closest thing to a sex life that a sissy like me has. Daddy Jazzy made me buy a life size cardboard cutout of her, and attach a big black dildo to it. She loves to laugh and tease me on nanny cam, while I practice my cock sucking skills with her big dick.

The Piggy Games

Empress Jazzy enjoys humiliating me while her girlfriends all watch and laugh on live cam. Daddy came up with the piggy game, where I get one minute to eat eight cupcakes. Every ten secs over costs me more money and time in chastity, and I failed super hard.

The Piggy Meal

I get the privilege of paying hundreds of dollars for Empress Jazzy and her friends to enjoy fine dining at the best restaurants. Tonight she cucked me super hard, and made me eat my dollar store piggy meals off the toilet while dressed up like a dumb sissy bimbo.

Premature Ejaculation Training

Empress Jazzy rarely lets me out of chastity, and even more rare that she lets me jerk off. Sometimes she lets me try, but I only get to use the two finger stroke for two mins. Daddy Jazzy says sissies like us should be trained to cum as quick as possible, as being a premature ejaculater ruins any chance we have at having real sex.

Cuckentine's Day

This was the most humiliating Valentine's Day of my life! Empress Jazzy made me wear one of my ex wifes old dresses, while she was out on a date with her new boyfriend. I paid for their dinner like a good cuck, so all I could afford was a bologna sandwich.

Dumb, Broke, Alone

As a sissy in submission to Empress Jazzy I will always be dumb, broke, and alone. I can't even afford to take a woman on a date, because I give all my money to Empress Jazzy. Now the only intimacy I get is dressing up like a sissy slut, and making out with myself in the mirror while Daddy Jazzy laughs and gets rich.