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Taking Daddies Big Dick

This is the closest thing to a sex life that a sissy like me has. Daddy Jazzy made me buy a life size cardboard cutout of her, and attach a big black dildo to it. She loves to laugh and tease me on nanny cam, while I practice my cock sucking skills with her big dick.

Premature Ejaculation Training

Even before Daddy Jazzy locked me chastity it was rare that she let me jerk off. Sometimes she'd let me try, but I'd only get to use the two finger stroke for two mins. Daddy Jazzy says sissies like us should be trained to cum as quick as possible, as being a premature ejaculater ruins any chance we have at having real sex.

Mean Girls - 5 Times the Domination

This was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life! Daddy Jazzy and her girlfriends wanted to completely roast a sissy loser for profit, and chose me to be their bitch. This video highlights some of the emasculating verbal abuse I had to endure. I know a real man would never put up with this, but I'm so pussy whipped for Daddy Jazzy that I just kept quietly blushing in frustration.
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