The Sissy Squirts Wall of Shame

How Does This Work?

The way it works is super easy, and so much fun! First you pay me. Then you send me all your naughty pics. Then I post them for the whole world to see. It's really that simple! So just stroke your little pee pee and start sending.


You must be a mature and consenting adult. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule! Any pics or vids you send must be of yourself, and you agree that your material becomes my exclusive property to alter and distribute as I see fit.

How To Submit Your Pics

I will only expose you after a minimum tribute of $100. Broke bitches and time wasters will be ignored! Payments can be sent via the following methods:

iWantClips - NiteFlirt - OnlyFans

After making your payment you may send your pics to me via email:

In the subject line write "Please expose me Daddy Jazzy", and be sure to include your sissy or slave name. Tell me about all your favorite fetishes and fantasies, and attach all pics you wish to have exposed.

Consensual Blackmail Contracts Are Available

Be forewarned, this is for serious applicants seeking more than simple exposure! You will become my loser property for life. You will give me anything I want, and you will do anything I demand no matter how cruel or humiliating! It's a minimum $100 tribute to even view the contract, and you must be prepared to dedicate yourself to a life of total submission.

The Sissy Sing-Along Series

My Sissy Sing-Alongs help train sissy beta losers by brainwashing them with hidden triggers. Memorize these catchy tunes, and sing them often. The more you sing, the more pathetic you become. Don't forget to empty your wallet and tip me your life savings! It's all you're good for!

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