The Simple Sissy Bimbo Guide

by Bianca Buttcakes

I created the Simple Sissy Bimbo Guide for aspiring sissy girls starting their transformation. A guide that's simple and easy to understand, while also practical and erotic =) All based on my vision of the ideal sissy bimbo. So if you're a beta male then it's time for you to start wearing makeup and women's clothing. Give up on pussy, and focus on looking pretty instead. Make yourself look more attractive to real men, so that their dicks get hard and want to cum for you =)

Part I - Know Your Makeup

Playing with makeup is so much fun, and such a gay way to spend your time. So it's important for sissies to know their makeup, and how to apply it. I split my makeup routine into four parts. The cleansing, the foundation, the eyes, and then the lips. Below you can see the various cosmetics I use, and the correct order of application.

 Part II - Bathed and Shaved

It is so important for a gay sissy bimbo to keep herself looking clean and smooth. A beard is an obvious sign of masculinity, and no sissy should ever be seen with one. So get rid of that icky beard! Hairy legs are not a good look on a sissy either lol So shave away all that nasty body hair! In the end your skin should be completely smooth and hairless from the nose on down.

Long bushy eyebrows should be trimmed and plucked with a tweezers. After plucking you should use a depilatory cream to delay the growth of unwanted hair. Feminine eyebrows should be shaped thin and high, with a slight arch at the ends. When plucking start at the bottom of the eyebrow, and work your way up.

You should frequently shower to keep your skin clean and prevent irritation. Always choose the most girly shower products you can find. Never use cheap boy brand soaps, like the 3 in 1 body wash. You should always pick out separate girly brands of shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. Outside the shower you should use lots of body lotion. This will give your skin a nice glow, and help prevent wrinkles. So keep a bottle with you at all times.


Part III - Hair, Clothes, and Accessories

A blonde wig is a must. Blonde is the most feminine hair color, and makes you look especially attractive to Black Men. It doesn't have to be a high quality or expensive wig either. A gay sissy bimbo strives to look trashy. You should also buy as many wigs as possible. This will allow you to dramatically change your appearance, and create many different and unique sissy styles.

Sissies should always wear overly feminine clothing like skirts, dresses, panties, pantyhose, and blouses. You should avoid boyish clothing like pants and t-shirts, unless they are an extremely feminine design. Now it's no secret that girls love shoes, and that goes double for sissies. A good sissy girl should always be wearing high heels or sandals. The longer the heels the better! If you're wearing an open toe design then your toe nails should always be painted.

A good sissy girl should have her nails painted anytime she presents herself. If you are a secret sissy the thought of applying nail polish might seem difficult or even scary, but it's easier than you think. Just use a single coat of quick drying nail polish, and they'll be set within minutes! The polish can then be removed just as quickly using an acetone based remover. Press on nails are also an easy alternative, and look so super sissy. These can also be reused, but be careful not to chip or tear the nails when you remove them.

Whenever possible you should wear a collar or choker. One that tightly fits, and can be securely locked. This way you're always ready to be leashed by a dominant man or woman who may wish to take control of you.