Sissy Tasks and Assignments

Below you will find various sissy tasks you can do to please and amuse me =) By accomplishing these emasculating tasks you help reinforce the truth about your sissy nature.

Sissy Confession

A sissy confession is one of the easiest, but most important of all sissy tasks. If you've never done a sissy assignment then this is a good place to start. Your sissy confession should be a hand written letter admitting that you are a sissy now and forever, and describing all the reasons why in humiliating detail. Be sure to sign it with a kiss, and then take a close up pic of the letter, and another pic of you proudly holding it up =)

 Permanent Panties

A good sissy girl wears panties 24/7! This is an easy way to ease into the sissy lifestyle, even if you are still a secret sissy girl. Wearing panties ruins any chance you might have at pretending to be a real man in your day to day life. Do you think you're going to feel confident asking out a girl while your wearing a a frilly pink thong under your pretend man clothes? lol No, the panties will serve as a constant reminder that you no longer have any chance as a male, and you'll be forced to just give up trying.

Now to help ensure that you start wearing panties everyday, you need to destroy all your old boy underwear first. So go gather up any boxer shorts or tidy whities you used to wear, and place them in a pile in front of you. Then start recording yourself. Pick up one pair at a time, and cut into them with a sharp scissors. Do this a couple times for each pair, so that they are completely ruined and unwearable. Even better if you can put them all in a bucket at the end, and then pour bleach all over them.

Maid Duty

A good sissy should assume the traditional responsibilities of a woman. That means menial tasks like serving and cleaning up after others. For this assignment it is preferably to have a french maid uniform. This is one of the most humiliating outfits a sissy can wear! So go put one on because your a faggot lol Then take some pics or record yourself doing various sissy chores, such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, washing the dishes, loading laundry, ironing clothes, etc.

Sissy Cheerleader

Sometimes sissies will ask me if it's still ok to watch sports. Well as long as you are watching as a sissy cheerleader it's not a problem. From now on you don't know the difference between a touchdown and a homerun, and you don't even care lol All you should be thinking about is how hot those muscular athletes are, and how badly you want them to fuck you!

For this assignment you need a cheerleader outfit and some pom poms. Then all you have to do is wait for a sports game to come on. Preferably a big game like the super bowl, but any sports game will do. Then get dressed up in your a cheerleader outfit. Take a picture of yourself holding the pom poms, and showing the game on your television set behind you. That way you can prove you watched the game as a sissy. Even better if you can record a video of yourself doing a little cheer while the game is on in the background.

The Mirror Blowjob

For this assignment you will need a fairly large sized mirror, and a black dildo with a suction base. Attach the dildo to the mirror, and then position the camera so it captures your reflection in the mirror. Then record a video of yourself sensually sucking on it like a bitch. Make sure you keep looking yourself in the eyes while you suck on it. You need to see yourself the way you really are. That faggot you see in the mirror is the real you! The one slobbering and choking on a big fat dildo lol


  1. Some great assignments..whew ~s

  2. Great assignments, I want to do the pie one soon :)

  3. I took the steps to the point of no return last year. I have no men's underwear at all. I wear panties, bra, tights under my work clothes. I am ready to come out as a cock sucking sissy fag in a big way. This is the last time I will post under anonymous. I joined today so it will be a few days before I give you the material to expose me. Much Love

  4. I'm so horny right now realizing my destiny as a sissy took Al no time and slit of deadens. Even fried veto be a Christian but I found this website and became a born again sissy. I've my God ISBN and and I've worship ed that more than I ever worshiped the Croatian god of the Bible. I can't wait to expose myself but need all my tools to become a free sissy bitch. I know my place now on my knees serving my black cock masters. I'm so ready to humiliate myself and live in Chastity. I don't care if I go to hell as long as I get to be a sissy slit here and hopefully for eternity. Please pray I acquire all I need to lone up with my destiny as a true sissy who're. I can't wait to be abused in every way by the True God's my black masters. Forgive me for taking so long to realize my purpose to degrade mysel and please black cock. I will do all I can to reach other sissy white bois and save them with the power of th feminine spirit.amen