Tips to save more money for Empre$$ Jazzy

Sell Your Car

Selling your car is the perfect way to make me money, and it's environmentally friendly at the same time. You can start taking the bus, and you'll be saving even more for me! No more insurance or car payments. That's all extra income that can be given to me instead.

 Sell Your House

Sell your house, and move into an efficiency apt. Eventually you can downgrade to a cardboard box. If you own multiple properties sell them all. That's all extra money that I deserve!

Sell Everything Else

You don't need all your stuff after you move. Pawn off all your possessions. Any gold, jewelry, electronics. Sell off all those old boys toys like videos games and baseball cards. You don't need any of that useless junk anymore, not even your furniture. You can just sleep on the floor.

Retirement Savings

Dip into any 401k, pension, or retirement savings you may have. Yes there are usually penalties, but I don't give a fuck because I want that money now! It's stupid to save for retirement when you should be buying me more designer heels and handbags I don't even need.

Be My Cam Whore

Get a webcam and sign up on webcam paysites like Chaturbate. Dress up like a sissy, and do whatever the men tell you. It doesn't matter how degrading it is, or if you're not really gay. You do whatever it takes to get those men sending tokens, so you can cash them out and pay me!

Cancel Cable TV

This is a huge waste of money, especially if you have any special movie or sports packages. Once you start serving me you'll be way too busy to even watch TV. You'll be spending every waking moment of your life working and busting your ass just to scrounge up a few more dollars to send me.

Budget Your Groceries

Buy only the cheapest foods in bulk. Clip coupons and watch for specials on old and expired food. Meals plans are available for paying subs. Never eat at fast food restaurants either! Another huge waste of money, and a luxury that beta boys don't deserve.

Collect Cans and Scrap Metal

Go dumpster diving, and dig through garbage cans for old cans and scrap metal. Yes it's shitty work for a very little pay off. You'll probably only get pennies per pound. I don't care though. For me that's all pure profit, so get out there and start digging!

Complete Online Surveys

Online surveys are also a lot of work for very little pay off. Many sites don't actually pay, and you'll probably end up with lots of viruses on your computer. It's always worth it though, because I want every fucking dollar that can be squeezed out of you! Click here to get started.

Become an Uber Driver

If you can't sell your car you can at least become an Uber driver. It's not like you've got anything better to do. Go out and chauffeur all those hot couples who are out partying every weekend, and enjoying the life you'll never have.

Sell Your Blood and Organs

Selling blood is another quick and easy way to make me money. You can even sell off your testicles for medical testing. It's not like you need them anyway.

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