Convert to Jazzyism

One of the greatest lies ever told is that god is a man. This is false. Empre$$ Jazzy is the one and only true God. All men are inferior, and without the guidance of Empre$$ Jazzy their souls are lost! There is good news though. If you were born an inferior male then there is still hope for you!

You must get down on your knees and accept your place as Empre$$ Jazzy's humble servant. You are going to denounce your current religion, and accept the will of Empre$$ Jazzy as your new one. You must speak the words of Empre$$ Jazzy's prayer out loud, and become owned by her forever.

Glory and Praise to the one true God Empre$$ Jazzy!

I come to you as your obedient male servant.

I denounce all other religions and false gods.

I beg your forgiveness for my sins of masculinity.

I ask you, Empre$$ Jazzy, to come into my heart and control me.

I want you to consume my mind, body, and spirit

I will accept and obey your will without question.

I am a your submissive slave now and forever. 

Congrats! You have been reborn as an Empress Jazzy cuck. Purchase and goon out to all of Empress Jazzy's clips. Send all of your money in tribute, as this will be the first of many. As a slave to Empress Jazzy you will never feel satisfied. Nothing you send will ever be enough, but this will motivate you to keep sending more every chance you get!

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