Life as an Empress Jazzy Sissy Cuck

By Bianca Buttcakes

I am a fully owned and collared sissy cuck, and have been serving Empress Jazzy for close to a year now. She had me write this article to answer the most frequent questions I get asked from subs seeking to serve her, and to share a glimpse of what my life is like living as her full time sissy slave.

How do I pay Empress Jazzy?

Paying Empress Jazzy is super easy, and feels so good! Empress Jazzy accepts tributes from any of her clip sites. They are always linked here, and pinned on her twitter account

What can I expect if I pay Empress Jazzy?

Nothing. You get the satisfaction of paying her just for being superior to you. If you're lucky she will give you sissy tasks, and humiliate you for her profit.

I've seen men try to get bold and demanding with her, and that never works. She just smacks them down every time. So never ask what she can do for you, always ask what you can do for her instead.

Do I need Empress Jazzy's permission to buy her clips?

No. This is one of the dumbest questions I get asked. If she puts a clip up for sale then of course she expects you to buy it. So go buy them all right now!

What's the best way to please Empress Jazzy?

I'll share the simple secret I've learned to pleasing Empress Jazzy. Give to her, hustle for her, thank her, and then shut the fuck up until she tells you to speak.

Do I have to be in chastity to serve Empress Jazzy??

Yes. It might not happen right away, but I've never seen a long term sub of hers that didn't eventually end up in chastity. She likes to remind us that we are not men, we are sissies, and sissies are never allowed the same sexual privileges as men.

Will Empress Jazzy Hold My Chastity Key?

No. Empress Jazzy is not a key holder. She is a key destroyer. If you send her your chastity keys it's a guarantee she will destroy them. Usually in creative ways that will amuse her girlfriends.

She also sells chastity cages, which I highly recommend as I'm locked in one myself. However she never ships a cage with the keys. Once you're caged by Empress Jazzy, you're caged for life.

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