The Legacy of Empress Jazzy

Daddy Jazzy just released this video. A tribute to her femdom power. Men get so stupid for Empress Jazzy, myself included. She not only knows how weak she makes us, but fully uses it to her advantage. She has destroyed so many men, and made herself filthy rich in the process.

One of the many reasons I love Daddy Jazzy, is because she's so fun! She's a findom, a femdom, and I also think of her as a fundom =) From what I've learned serving her, is that she expects you to give and to submit. It's really that simple. Just give to her and beg to be her bitch, and she will happily take you for a ride!

She is so well respected and admired by other dominas in the community, and always shows loves to them back. Here's just a sample of the many praises she received about her legacy.

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