The Sissy Guide to High Heels

High heels are one of the sexiest elements of a sissies look. An outfit is just not complete without a cute pair of high heels to go with it. If you consider yourself a sissy girl then you must wear high heels!

It is crucial that your high heels fit properly. High heels that are too tight can cause blisters and even cut your feet. High heels that are too loose can be difficult to walk in, and cause undue strain on your feet and legs. Your heels should slip on easily, and feel snug but comfortable.

To figure out your high heel size, just take your regular mens size and add two. For instance a size 10 for men would be a size 12 for women. It's that simple!

Males tend to have naturally wider feet than women, so you may want to look for high heels that specify a wide fit. I personally recommend Pleaser brand high heels, as that's where I get most mine from. They have a great range of beautiful high heels, and in sizes that are great for sissies!

It is important for a sissy to be knowledgeable about the different type of high heels, and she should be able to recognize the various types of heels just by looking at them.

If you are new to high heels it may seem difficult to walk in them at first, but it's actually fairly simple. It is very important that you learn to walk properly so that you don't develop bad walking habits. You want to take each step with one foot in front of the other, rather than side by side. Never lead with your toe, or step flat on the ground. You want each step to go from heel to toe. Always keep this in mind while you walk, and practice as often as possible. Even when you can't wear heels, you should practice walking as though you are. Eventually you'll start walking like a woman without even trying, and it will just become natural.