Choosing the Right Bra

Choosing a bra can be tricky for a sissy girl, as we don't naturally form breasts the way genetic girls do. Lets start by understanding how a bra is designed, and how it should fit.

The band is responsible for most of the bra's support. It should fit comfortably around your torso, and never ride up toward your shoulders.

The straps are there for minimal support. If they are digging into your shoulders the bra is too tight. If they are slipping off your shoulders the bra is too loose, although sometimes this can look sexy =)

Your breasts should fill up the cup snugly. If there is spillage the bra is too small. If the fabric looks wrinkled or folded then the bra is too big.

The gore should lay flat against your sternum. If there is a space between the gore and your chest than the bra is too small.

The underwires should completely surround your breats. If the underwires are digging into your chest then the bra is too tight. 

Always use the loosest hook on your bra. As you wear your bra it will stretch out over time, and this allows you to use the other hooks once needed.

Bra Sizing

Figuring out your bra size is very simple. As a general rule, the bras band size is the length around your torso underneath the breasts, rounded up to the nearest even number.

To determine your bras bust size, you should measure around the breasts at their fullest point. The difference in bust size and band size is denoted by letters. Each letter represents one inch. A = 1 inch, B = 2 inches, C = 3 inches, and so on.

So if you're band size is 46 inches, and your bust size is 49 inches, you would want a size 46C size bra. It's that easy!

Sissy Bras

Now if you're a sissy girl with a flat chest it's not a problem! The trick is to obtain a mastectomy bra, or similar pocket bras made for transsexuals. I recommend Transform brand bras, as they come in a great range of sizes for sissy girls.

Be sure to use breast forms, and preferably in a realistic style if your bra is see through. Never use things like socks or fruit to stuff your bra lol I've seen sissies do this before, and it never looks good. So make sure you have proper breast forms to go with that sexy bra, and create a beautiful bust that will make you feel like a real woman =)