The Simple Sissification Guide

Bathed and Shaved

It's very important for a sissy to keep herself looking clean and smooth. So all your facial hair must be removed! This is an absolute must for any sissy girl. A beard is an obvious sign of masculinity, and no sissy should ever be seen with one. So get rid of that icky beard! All your body hair should be removed. Hairy legs are not a good look on a sissy lol I prefer to use Nair, or you can use razors. Whatever works best for your skin and thickness of hair. You want to avoid any methods that leave your skin damaged or irritated. If you are unable to shave your body hair then make use of long stockings and gloves as an alternative.

Wardrobe Prep

You should always have an outfit lined up before you start getting dressed. Have some backup items lined up as well, in case any part of your outfit doesn't look as good as you thought. Sissies should always wear overly feminine clothing like skirts, dresses, panties, pantyhose, and blouses. You should avoid boyish clothing like pants and t-shirts, unless they are an extremely feminine design. Now it's no secret that girls love shoes, and that goes double for sissies. A good sissy girl should always be wearing high heels or sandals. The longer the heels the better! If you're wearing an open toe design then your toe nails should always be painted.

Shaped Eyebrows

Long bushy eyebrows should be trimmed and plucked with a tweezers. After plucking you should use a depilatory cream to delay the growth of unwanted hair. Feminine eyebrows should be shaped thin and high, with a slight arch at the ends. When plucking start at the bottom of the eyebrow, and work your way up.

Sissy Makeover

A good sissy loves to apply and wear her makeup. Real men don't wear makeup, and that's exactly why you should lol You should strive to look like a pretty little girl, and the right makeup will help you accomplish that. This is not a comprehensive guide by any means. Just some simple tips to get you started if you're new to wearing makeup.

Manicure & Pedicure

A good sissy girl should have her nails painted anytime she presents herself. If you are a secret sissy the thought of applying nail polish might seem difficult or even scary, but it's easier than you think. Just use a single coat of quick drying nail polish, and they'll be set within minutes! The polish can then be removed just as quickly using an acetone based remover. Press on nails are also an easy alternative, and look so super sissy. These can also be reused, but be careful not to chip or tear then nails when you remove them.


A good wig is a must for a sissy girl. This is usually what completes your look as a sissy, and makes it all come together. You can go with your natural hair, but only if it's long or styled in an obviously feminine manner. However if you have a typical short and boyish hairstyle, then you absolutely need a good wig to complete your look. I actually recommend you buy as many wigs as possible. This will allow you to dramatically change your overall appearance, and create many different and unique sissy styles.


This is an important step many sissy girls tend to overlook. You should always accessorize your look with items like rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headbands, bows, and even a purse. All these little touches will enhance your sissy look, and have you looking like a total sissy fashionista!

Presenting for Photos

Before a shoot make sure your camera or recording device is secure and fully charged. Then make sure you have good lighting and space. Take a few test pictures ahead of time to see how it looks. There's nothing worse than taking a bunch of pics, only to find out the lighting was poor or you weren't fully in view. Also make sure your surroundings look tidy. A messy room just looks bad, and it distracts from the subject of a photo.

When taking pics keep your body loose, and your wrists limp. When standing you want to accentuate your curves, so keep your hips, ass, and breasts thrust outward. When sitting you want to keep your legs closed or crossed femininely. Look up pictures of models doing different poses, and try to imitate them. See the picture below to give you some ideas to start, but certainly don't limit yourself here.

Be sure to take multiple pictures of each particular shot you have planned. Try to slightly change the angle, and your facial expressions each time. The more pics you take, the better chance you have at obtaining that perfect photo of the bunch.
You Go Girl!

This should give you a good start, but remember to keep practicing. You can read guides like this all day, but they're no substitute for hands on experience. Makeup and fashion are not an exact science, so constant experimentation is the best way to perfect your sissy look. Don't be discouraged if something doesn't work out either. Mistakes are just opportunities to learn what works and what doesn't. Always remember that beauty starts from within, and the image you create will reflect that. So just start by believing in yourself, and you'll be a super girly girl in no time!

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