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  1. Bonus points to anyone posting pics of pippa pisspot to social media sites. Please cover the internet with pippas pics so there's no escape. Verbally abuse emails most welcome. Check out pippapisspot on imagefap for even more pics to floss and spread or even print off and post up somewhere public!

  2. You should cum and enjoy a vacation with me here in Vancouver Canada baby !

    1. What would you have in mind sir?

  3. You need to visit me in my hotel room in Glasgow when I'm in town so I can use and abuse you any way I choose to.
    Leave me a reply here sissy and I may email you with more details.

  4. Well i think you need to EXPLAIN why you are sissy PISSPOT , and not some cute girlish name . I mean how does a girl end up being called THAT ? Is there some wierd fetish you have? Or special skills?
    Lets hear ALL about that , gurl.

  5. FaggotFredCUMPIGMay 19, 2017 at 11:06 AM

    i think that you are just the cutest lil SISSY FAG, and that you should cum to the states to be used. i know i DAMN sure would LOVE to use and abuse you for days!!