The Agenda of Female Supremacy

Our failed society has been mislead into believing a women’s sexuality is something to be ashamed or afraid of. This is so wrong, and it’s what needs to change. Once a woman embraces her true sexual nature she attains the ultimate power of femininity, and that’s what scares the patriarchy to death! They know that males instinctively submit to the authority of Female Dominance. We can’t help ourselves. It’s how our species originally evolved. Trying to deny or hide this reality is exactly what the patriarchy wants. There is a reason you can watch people murdered on television, but if a woman shows her breasts it’s suddenly an outrage with calls for censorship.

Destroying the Patriarchy

The patriarchy also does equal damage to males by spreading its myths. Most males have been taught they need to be aggressive and dominating, especially over women. This always fails predictably, and sometimes catastrophically so when it comes to crimes like war and rape. This has left the world completely unbalanced. As a male you must embrace your transformation into a sissy girl. You must recognize the inherent superiority of Female Dominance. You will fully accept this truth, and will submit to the authority of your Superiors. This sacrifice is a necessary retribution for ages of social injustice. Your male privilege is a disease, and one that must be eradicated. Your purpose now in life is to share and promote these ideals, and convert more males into accepting their submissive role as sissies in the New World Order of Female Supremacy.

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  1. Truer words, thoughts and teachings are the absolute truth of the universe! Awoman