The Mistress & Her Sissy Housewife

The past meets the future in this Femprop video! Back in the 1950's they had the right idea about gender roles, but they had it backwards. While the traditional ideals behind domestic relationships ultimately failed, the solution to correct this problem is very simple. As a male you must accept your place as a sissy house wife under the authority of your Mistress from now on.

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  1. This is the Future. Strong and Independent Women will be keeping all their Males Feminized and Pretty....being kept in skirts and dresses to keep hem in the submissive position!

  2. Enjoyed this prognosticative realization two years ago. The speculation that the Female -male hierarchal power dynamics of sex-roles from the years leading up until the 1950's would reverse, to this male, held both fear and fascination to this male even as a youth. Now daily it appears inevitable.

    Do note little more has been posted here even though the process of Female supremacy has accelerated. Hope your site continues updating on the ascent and empowerment of the Female and the decline and feminization of the male into its appropriate status as the permanently marginalized dainty, docile and dutiful 'weaker sex'.